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2100 Forage Box Options

Box Size

How long of box do you need?
18' Forage Box : $0

- Dual front/rear unload option available

20' Forage Box : $0

- Dual front/rear unload option available

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Would you like to unload out the front, rear, or both?

Front Unload Drive

How would you like to operate the box from the cab?

Coming Soon

Extension Kit

Would you like 12 inch higher sides with an extra beater?


Would you like your material covered for pulling behind a chopper?

Wind Screen

Would you like a screen when front unloading to prevent spill over?


Would you like Art's Way to setup the unit for you?

Running Gear

Would you like to mount your box on a wagon or trailer?

Rim/Tire Assemblies

Would you like tire/rim assemblies from Art's Way?

15x10 - 8 Bolt Rim w/ 12.5Lx15 - 12 Ply Tire

16.1x11 - 8 Bolt Rim w/ 14Lx16.1 - 12 Ply Tire

16.1x14 - 8 Bolt Rim w/ 16.5Lx16.1 - 12 Ply Tire

22.5x13 - 8 Bolt Rim w/ 425/65R 22.5 Used Truck Tire

Rim Only

Would you like blank rims?
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Estimated List Price

Disclaimer: Product pricing and availability are subject to change. Estimated price does not mean the final price.


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