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TOP-SPREAD™ Bale Processor

Body Size

What size processor are you looking for?
664 TOP-SPREAD : $21,692
- Up to 5'x6' Round Bales
-Up to a 4'x4'x6' Square Bales
-Up to 120 cubic ft./3.4 cu. meters
864 TOP-SPREAD : $22,396
-Up to 5'x6' Round Bales
-Up to a 4'x4'x8' Square Bales
-Up to 160 cubic ft./4.5 cu. meters
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Wire Harness

Do you need a wire control on your power machine?

Mulch Kit

Will you be spreading loose material?


Will you be hooking up to a machine without a quicktach?
Euro Adapter : $827
Select +$775
JD 600/700 Adapter : $907
Select +$850
JCB Q-fit Adapter : $1,824
Select +$1710
JCB Compact Adapter : $1,706
Select +$1600
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