New Art’s Way 2100 series forage box unload like a fire hose.

The affordable 2100 Series forage box offers a high-capacity option with a 100% in-cab hydraulic drive system that allows operators to take full control of the box from the cab.

ARMSTRONG, Iowa, May 13 2021 — Art’s Way Manufacturing is staking its claim as the best box in the field with the introduction of the 2100 Series forage box. With a completely new design inspired by speed, capacity, longevity and operator control, Art’s Way engineers believe they have raised the bar in this competitive product category.

Art’s Way 2100 Series forage box features and benefits:

  1. Robust capacity. Reduce trips and fuel costs with the high-capacity box size of your choice. Choose from 16-, 18- or 20-ft. box lengths which feature corrugated-steel sides ready to take on the acidic environment of forage harvest.
  2. 100% in-cab controls. Forget getting in and out of the cab multiple times a day. The independently controlled hydraulic drive system sets this forage box apart from the others with its incredible convenience. With just one in-cab button, operators can switch from front unload to rear unload in an instant. The ability to stay in the cab at all times will help reduce fatigue, improve safety, avoid unfavorable weather and more.
  3. Lightning-fast unload. The steady hydraulic drive system bring increased speed and productivity with a time-tested 4-minute front unload or 1-minute rear unload.
  4. No-fuss engineering for easier maintenance. Art’s Way has drastically reduced the number of unique parts on this machine from previous models. In fact, the entire machine is made up of 90% streamlined components. That translates to a simple, low-maintenance forage box that just about anyone can service.
  5. All-around affordable. With the 2100 Series your savings come upfront and throughout the life of ownership. Common components across all model sizes and a simple design equate to reduced maintenance costs and fewer breakdowns for an overall more economical package.

“Our 2100 Series forage boxes are built tough without all the unnecessary bells and whistles,” said Art’s Way Engineer Izac Roberts. “We wanted to make this machine affordable, serviceable and fast as heck with its unload times. And if that doesn’t sell you, the 100% in-cab hydraulic system will — no one likes getting in and out of the cab 30 times a day.”

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About Art’s Way

Art’s Way Manufacturing is a small, publicly traded company that specializes in agricultural manufacturing. For over 50 years, it’s been committed to designing and building high-quality machinery for all operations. It has approximately 200 employees across three branch locations: Art’s Way Manufacturing in Armstrong, Iowa, Art’s Way Scientific in Monona, Iowa, and American Carbide Tool in Canton, Ohio. Art’s Way manure spreaders, forage boxes, high dump carts, bale processors, graders, land planes, sugar beet harvesters and grinder mixers are designed to optimize production, increase efficiency and meet the growing demands of customers.

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