What Art's Way Does

Art’s Way works to build a legacy by manufacturing dependable, specialized farm equipment so independent-minded operators can do the hard work that leads to sustainable, self-sufficient and profitable operation for generations to come.


Art’s Way has been producing equipment that farmers have depended on since 1956. We take pride in our reputation for well-built, reliable equipment.


By focusing on specialized niche markets, we are able to commit all of our resources to building the best equipment, and providing the highest level of expertise and support to our customers.


We are close to our customers, allowing us to listen to their changing needs and work nimbly so we can quickly respond to changes in the markets we serve.


Straight talk with a no-B.S. attitude, we punch above our weight and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’ve got a challenger swagger to us.



Arthur Luscombe, an Iowa farmer and inventor who knew the meaning of hard work, founded Art’s Way Manufacturing in 1956.

 He’d built a rugged PTO grinder mixer on his farm near Dolliver, Iowa, and he wanted manufacture and sell it to farmers just like him — farmers who would recognize and appreciate a quality-built piece of machinery when they saw it. The product’s ability to tackle even the most demanding workload made it an overwhelming success — and secured Luscombe’s reputation as a farmer, entrepreneur and independent thinker who did things his way.



Today, Art’s Way has approximately 120 employees across two branch locations: Art’s Way Manufacturing in Armstrong, Iowa and Art’s Way Scientific in Monona, IA.

We take pride in our manure spreaders, forage boxes, high dump carts, bale processors, graders, land planes, sugar beet harvesters and grinder mixers, and we continue to expand our product lines to meet the growing demands of our customers.


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