9016-HD 930 Cubic Foot High Dump Cart

  • 16 ft. box length
  • 930 cu. ft. capacity struck
  • Rated load capacity of 40,000 lbs.


Additional information

Tank Length

16 ft.

Dump Capacity

40,000 lbs.

Struck Capacity (cu. ft.)

930 cu. ft.

Struck Capacity (cu. yd.)

34.44 cu. yd.

Struck Capacity w/ Extensions (cu. ft)

1,158 cu. ft.

Heaped Capacity w/ Extensions (cu. ft.)

1,355 cu. ft.

Cycle Time

60-90 seconds

Dump Direction

Left, Right

Dump Height at Pivot

9-15 ft.

Dump Clearance at Pouring

7-13 ft.

Counter Weight


Tread Width

120-132 in.



Ship Weight

16,000 lbs.

Axle Clearance

20 in.

Axle Placement

4 positions

Lift Cylinders

5 in. and 4 in. primary secondary

Tilt Cylinders

5 in. parallel

Tongue Weight %


Sideways Reach (lowest)

16 in.

Sideways Reach (highest)

42 in.

Tire Option

30.5L -32 16 Ply Flotation


10 bolt


4-1/2 inch bolt-in cold rolled


12,000 lb.



Weight Scale


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