1222HS Defoliator

  • Steel and poly flail clusters
  • Optional scalper kits
  • Set it and forget it topping


Additional information

Tractor Requirements

170 hp min.


1000 RPM

Row Spacing

12 row 22 in., 8 row 30 in.

Top Cover - Front Rotor

Hinged 2-section steel covers

Top Cover - Rear 2 Rotors

Hinged 2-section HD belting w/ hydraulic open

#1 Rotor

Cluster steel (Standard), Cupped knives, Enclosed shroud, Full flail (Optional)

#2 Rotor

Rubber cluster 12 in. 8 pin

#3 Rotor

Rubber cluster 12 in. 6 pin

Power Train

1000 rpm PTO shaft, HD gearbox, SV section drive belts w/ spring-loaded idlers

Drive Shields

Hinged for easy access and protection of drive belts


12.4 x 24 – 8 ply Set of 4

Inside Width (12R22)

22 ft. 2 in.

Inside Width (6R30/8R30)

14 ft. 10 in.

Outside Width (12R22)

24 ft. 2 in.

Outside Width (6R30/8R30)

17 ft.

Length w/o scalpers

18 ft. 4 in.

Weight w/o scalpers

11,480 lbs.

Scalpers (optional)

Disc, Knife

Carrier Wheels

Offset/Manual, Straight/Manual, Walking Tandem, Wide Walking Tandem

Sugar Beet Harvesting System

Defoliator Comparison

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