6812 Beet Harvester

  • 8 or 12 Row machines
  • Best beet cleaning in the field
  • 4 Ton basket capacity
  • Grab roll bed with steel or poly


Additional information

Number of Rows

12, 8

Row Spacing

22 in., 30 in.

Total Weight

42,540 lbs.

Overall Height (float/std tire)

13 ft. 11 in.

Drawbar Vertical Load

10,000 lbs.

Transport Width (w/ boom down)

24 ft.

Operating Width (w/ boom up)

23.5 ft.

Lifter Head Width (8R22)

16 ft. 2 in.

Lifter Head Width (8R30)

21 ft. 5 in.

Lifter Head Width (12R22)

24 ft. 1 in.

Tank Capacity

4.5 tons

Tractor Requirements

280 hp min.


1000 RPM

PTO Hook-Up

CV, CV 1-3/4 – 20

Short Conveyor

60 in. draper chain

Upper Transfer Elevator Truck Conveyor

42 in. belted chain

Grab Rolls

4 pairs, single point adjustable, Poly, Steel, Steel double wrap


Fixed, Flex

Hydraulic Row Finder


Access Doors

Side hinge

Depth Control

Optional ALT System

Carrier Wheels (Standard)

24.5 x 32

Carrier Wheels (Optional)

30.5L x 32

Carrier Wheels (Optional Steering)

24.5 x 32

Lifter Wheels

28 in. cast alloy steel

Drawbar Length

30 ft. 10 in.

Hydraulic Capacity

32 GPM (16 gpm/circuit)

Hydraulic Pressure

2250 psi

HOW TO: Set up Leveling

HOW TO: Adjust Vertical Grabrolls

HOW TO: Adjust Lifter Wheel Spacing

HOW TO: Adjust Head Grabrolls

Sugar Beet Harvesting System

Leveling System Comparison

Access Doors Comparison

Transport Comparison

Cleaning Comparison

Struts Comparison

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