Art’s Way Announces New High Dump: 9016-HD

New streamlined model increases efficiency and versatility Armstrong, IA: Art’s Way just launched their new High Dump Cart, the 9016-HD, which combines the best features of their previous models; the Miller Pro 9016 and the 9016-BT. The 9016-HD can be pulled along a harvester to collect forage, peanuts, sugar beets, corn, soybeans, and hemp making […]

How to Avoid Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is often a major concern for many farmers as they make the risky decision to start working the field or not during the rainy spring. In order take steps to avoid soil compaction, it is first important to understand its causes and effects. Causes of Soil Compaction As farming equipment has increased in […]

Metered Spreading and Record Keeping at Your Fingertips

Control spread rate from the seat of your cab with metered spreading Armstrong, Iowa: Art’s Way Manufacturing today announced Raven metering systems available for their X Series Manure Spreaders, a network of technology and components used to meter spreading and record data. Input your desired spread rate and gate height then let the system go […]

X500 Manure Spreader Bringing Big Benefits in a Small Package

Industry leading spread pattern in a 500 heaped cubic feet spreader. Armstrong, Iowa: Art’s Way Manufacturing today announced the X500, a new manure spreader. The X500 is a 500 heaped cubic feet capacity manure spreader and offers a new way for small operation livestock producers to maximize benefits from livestock waste in their crop growth […]


New Product Introduction – 8215 Grinder Mixer Art’s Way is welcoming a new grinder mixer to our line up. We call this new grinder the 8215 because it boasts a 215 bushel capacity, making it the largest grinder mixer found state side! This large capacity tank has been added onto our time tested already proven […]

How to deal with net wrap on a bale processor

Net Wrap:  A great invention to keep bales together, but how do I get rid of it??? The answer for most processors is the same.  It needs to be handled either before or after processing. Net Wrap Removal Before Processing On TOP-SPREAD, this task is very easy.  If you are looking to feed your bales […]

Why Prevent Erosion on a Construction Site?

The Effects of Soil Erosion Soil Erosion is the wearing away of soil from natural processes that are sometimes sped up by human influence.  This usually occurs on construction sites (structural or roadway) and farm ground.  This is because the earth is bare and is exposed to the elements such as water and wind. Solid […]

Dealer Spotlights – Success in Shortlines

Helmuth Repair 60 Years Later, Original Mission Still Holds for Helmuth Repair | 2018-04-19 | Farm Equipment Public Hills Inc. Hills Inc. Continues Tradition in Red River Valley _ 2018-03-19 _ Farm Equipment Publication J.O. Harris Sales Shortline Veterans in Illinois Stands by Values into Third Generation | 2018-02-20 | Farm Equipment K&L Tractor K&L […]

7165 Hydraulic Cooler

Arts Way 7165 Hydraulic Cooler Did you know??? Our 7165 Grinder Mixers feature a hydraulic cooler to help you run more efficiently. The D-Series cooler allows your machine to use less oil as it automatically engages when the oil temperature has exceeded the limit. It also self reverses every 10 minutes to keep the fins […]

Continuous Improvement

What is Continuous Improvement? The easiest way for me to describe continuous improvement, common sense along with the elimination of waste. That is why we have named our program CICS or Continuous Improvement equals Common Sense. Waste, or “non-value added”, is defined as what you, the dealer, is willing to pay for. An example is, […]