Art said it best, “we may be around muck all day but WE DON'T MUCK AROUND.”

Searching for better built manure spreaders for those heaps of gold? Capture the benefits of applying livestock manure on your fields with Art’s Way X Series manure spreaders. The X Series offers time-tested designs with serious upgrades — that means an upgraded floor chain with a limited-lifetime warranty, a guillotine slop gate and flared sides.

Big, bigger, biggest capacity options

Your perfect size manure spreader is waiting for you. Our boxes range from 350 to 900 cubic feet heaped capacity to meet a variety of operation needs.

Get yourself an edge in spread

Clumps and dead spots? Not with this spreader. The X Series manure spreaders have a unique vertical beater placement combined with guillotine slop gate controls to ensure material entering the beaters is sent out in an even spread with a consistent size (2 inches or less).

Versatility when you need it

Flared sides on the X550, X700 and X900 provide a base for your bucket and a lower loading height for extra capacity compared to a spreader with straight sides. The vertical beaters are also removable so you can haul forage, silage, snow, compost and hay. Can’t beat that.

Reversible apron chains for the win

Find something in your load that doesn’t belong? It happens. That’s when the reversible apron chain comes in to save the day. The 88C open barrel pintle chain is used to carry full tube slats across the floor for optimal tensile strength. If that isn’t enough, it is backed by our limited-lifetime warranty.

Model Specification


From $46,090
14.5 ft. box
Holds 367 cubic ft.


From $66,372
19 ft. box
Holds 551 cubic ft.


From $81,108
18 ft. box
Holds 683 cubic ft.


From $91,386
20 ft. box
Holds 909 cubic ft.

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