5 Things to Consider Going from a Dairy to Beef Operation

Cattle Beef feeding

Dairy milkers wanted. Sound familiar? A quick search shows 230 open jobs right now just in the state of Wisconsin. An increased need for labor, equipment and implementing modern practices has squeezed many small and medium sized dairies out for the large scale operations to make it work. Now, people are looking to the beef […]

Top 4 Items to Maintain on Your Grinder Mixer

Grinders are a unique piece of farm machinery. They are one of the few things you mostly likely use year-round every day. Maintain your grinder mixer to minimizing downtime. Recently, we had visitors from our dealer, Helmuth Repair, at our factory. They provided the top 4 items to maintain on your grinder mixer including one […]

How to Avoid Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is often a major concern for many farmers as they make the risky decision to start working the field or not during the rainy spring. In order take steps to avoid soil compaction, it is first important to understand its causes and effects. Causes of Soil Compaction As farming equipment has increased in […]

Manure vs. Fertilizer

Fertilizer or manure? It’s an age-old question that has been debated for years and has given farmers headaches for generations. There are pros and cons to both methods each with certain environmental impacts. Learn which one is right for you and how Art’s Way X-Series manure spreaders can help. Don’t forget to enter your information […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Care About Land Management in Your Fields.

  Why You Should Care About Land Management in Your Fields Just by leveling fields and adding drainage systems you will add value to your land, maximize your yield and even become more productive using a quality land management practices. Here’s how- 1- You Will See a More Consistent Yield After using a land plane […]

Best Postharvest Field Practices

Have you faced a rain delayed harvest season? Does your field have deep furrows that will make planting nearly impossible next spring? If this applies to you, you need an Art’s Way Land Plane! As harvest wraps up, there is still plenty of work for farmers to do. Fields need fertilized and sprayed with herbicides, fields […]

How to deal with net wrap on a bale processor

Net Wrap:  A great invention to keep bales together, but how do I get rid of it??? The answer for most processors is the same.  It needs to be handled either before or after processing. Net Wrap Removal Before Processing On TOP-SPREAD, this task is very easy.  If you are looking to feed your bales […]

Why Prevent Erosion on a Construction Site?

The Effects of Soil Erosion Soil Erosion is the wearing away of soil from natural processes that are sometimes sped up by human influence.  This usually occurs on construction sites (structural or roadway) and farm ground.  This is because the earth is bare and is exposed to the elements such as water and wind. Solid […]